Charlotte Valandrey Maladie

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Charlotte Valandrey Maladie
Charlotte Valandrey Maladie

Charlotte Valandrey Maladie – Her greatest asset has always been her ability to bounce back from adversity. In Charlotte Valandrey’s case, it’s been anything but easy. It wasn’t until 1987 that the young woman realised that she was HIV-positive at the beginning of her career, when she was just 19.

After numerous failed auditions, she finally landed the role of Pierre Mondy in the television series Les Cordiers, judge and cop.Despite everything, she has to combat both the sickness and the terrible health complications it causes. Charlotte Valandrey needed a heart transplant in 2003 after suffering from two heart attacks.

Greffe de vie foundation, for which she serves as godmother, was spurred on by her own personal experiences with injuries. In spite of this, the actress has always had a strong desire to overcome the obstacles that life has thrown her way.

As a result, she penned a number of autobiographical works, including De Coeur Inconnu. She’s even got a new song out called “More time to lose,” which she released recently. Charlotte Valandrey gave an interview to France Inter on Friday, July 9, in order to promote her musical project.

Her HIV status and the fact that she had a heart transplant were topics she returned to at the age of 52, when she spoke about her fights. The actor talked about how she was able to keep going.

I cut back on my music consumption. Silence became a part of my daily routine following my heart transplant.She said that listening to Robbie Williams’ music while he was recovering was a “step toward life.” Indulging in the joy of music and humming along to his tunes.

Charlotte Valandrey Maladie

When you haven’t had any desires in years, it’s a good place to begin. I felt more at ease conversing with the dead than I was with people in the here and now.” Charlotte Valandrey is now waiting for new projects to come her way so she may continue to dive headlong into them.

Because of her HIV status, Charlotte Valandrey missed out on a great opportunity. Vanessa Paradis was chosen instead of her for the film Noce Blanche in 1989, which was directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau.

Actress Jean-Claude Brisseau and I worked together for two months on the role of a man who is HIV-positive, and after two months, I told him about my status because it is something that is difficult for me to bear and I thought it might be useful for the character. (…) He talked about it with the producers.”

“Overnight, I had no further news from Jean-Claude Brisseau and I found afterwards that it was Vanessa Paradis, and no one had warned me,” he said, continuing his sad taleCharlotte Valandrey has no regrets, despite everything. “I couldn’t control myself. A 52-year-old actress who was infected with HIV in 1986, but refuses to reveal the identity of the person who infected her, said, “I can’t blame the young girl that I was 18 for having after two months of rehearsals spoken to the director… something that is heavy to bear for me and that should never be talked about.”

In the end, Charlotte Valandrey succumbed to the illness. She has been living with HIV since 1986. The day before her 18th birthday, she was infected by a man who she refuses to identify as the source of her infection.

“I will never reveal his identity. Several years prior, she had stated in France that she “would have issues” if she tried it. In other words, she had expressed her forgiveness for him for infecting her with the illness.

However, the actress had to fight for her life on a number of occasions. In fact, in 2003, after suffering two heart attacks as a result of taking the HIV medicine AZT. She manages to rise up yet again with a renewed sense of optimism and tenacity. As Télé Star hits newsstands Monday April 12, 2021, she makes it clear that she’s doing OK in the current issue.

She even admitted, “I remain optimistic.”While her condition has improved over time, she never fails to remind others of the importance of getting tested in order to be eligible for treatment.It is no longer necessary to fear for your sexual partners’ safety if you are properly treated, take your medication as prescribed, and have an undetectable viral load, like I have.She exclaimed, “I became’sero-harmless!'”

With or without her best efforts, Charlotte Valandrey’s career will always be fraught with challenges. Today, she is eagerly awaiting fresh project suggestions. The actress just wrapped filming for France 3’s Meurtres à Mulhouse and will soon be seen in Crime after departing from Tomorrow belongs to us at the end of 2019.

Charlotte Valandrey Maladie
Charlotte Valandrey Maladie

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