Nour The Voice Origine

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Nour The Voice Origine
Nour The Voice Origine

Nour The Voice Origine – It was Nour who triumphed in the 2022 season of The Voice. On Saturday night, TF1 aired the finals, which comprised five contestants: Nour, Caroline Costa, Loris, Vike, and Mister Mat. The lone female candidate was Nour.

Nour and Mister Mat were the two “super finalists” chosen by the audience on-air. With 56.2% of the vote, Florent Pagny’s candidate defeated Vianney’s nominee, a guy named Mister Mat, who received 43.8%.

Florent Pagny has won “The Voice” for the fifth time in a row. In Paris, there is no Brousse. She was born in Versailles and now lives in Maurepas, a suburb of Paris in the Yvelines region.

While her father came from Morocco, she was raised by a French mother. Since she was four years old, her mother has been singing to her.

When it came to Nour’s experience with “The Voice,” there was nothing new. Three years ago, she was a participant on the kids’ edition of “The Voice.”.

This year’s Soprano auditions were decided by Camilla Cabello’s English translation of “Havana.” Adult participants (those who are at least 16 years old) are allowed to participate in this year’s programme.

During the blind auditions, he won over the four judges with his rendition of “Tous les cris les SOS” by Daniel Balavoine.

“The Voice” star and first-time high school student can’t be easy at the same time. When asked about her sudden celebrity status, she said to Télé 7 Jours that her friends “don’t calculate” her.

That “going to class” was “no longer worthless” was affirmed by some of her Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole teachers. Nour decided to drop out of high school just a week before the final exam was to be given.

His greatest asset is the quality of his voice. Before the competition’s final, she was unable to talk. She was obliged to do the same thing as Celine Dion did when she decided to retire her singing voice a few years ago. It’s difficult, but I try not to say anything.

I’m taking medication prescribed by a doctor “It was Télé Loisirs she would have confided in initially. His singing teacher, Florent Pagny, had him postpone his performance until the next Saturday. First time a contestant has won “The Voice” in France at this young age.

The telecrochet’s youngest winner is a 16-year-old high school student who stands at 1.81 metres tall.

Nour was crowned France’s most beautiful voice at the tender age of sixteen on Saturday, May 21, 2022, by the nation’s television viewers. The TF1 singing competition has just crowned him its youngest winner.

There are six things you should know about this up-and-coming singer. Due to the audience’s overwhelming support, she emerged victorious.

16-year-old Nour was the grand prize winner of Season 11 of “The Voice,” which aired on TF1 on May 21, 2022. Only 43.8 percent of the votes went to Mister Mat, the season’s dean, while 56.2 percent went to the newest contestant.

Nour The Voice Origine

Nour Brousse’s hometown is Yvelines. She’s lived in Versailles for the past few years, since when she moved to Maurepas.

Several enormous billboards had been placed throughout the city by the town’s administration in an effort to draw attention to the young vocalist.

After Nikos Aliagas revealed the results of the election, Yvelines deputy mayor Aurore Bergé praised him on Twitter.

Three years ago, “The Voice Kids” launched Nour’s singing career. This year, she was promoted to the Soprano section because to her performance in English of Camila Cabello’s Havana.

In the battle test, she was knocked out. During that time, the rapper told Le Figaro that he believed his “level authorised him to compete with grownups.”

She decided to wait until she was 16 to apply for “The Voice,” the legal age for doing so.

That song was Tous les Cris les SOS by Daniel Balavoine, and four judges were swept away by his interpretation (All the SOS). Soprano was a great fan of this song as a former coach on “The Voice Kids.”

She said to Figaro, “I wanted to wink at him.” It was because of his advice that I gained greater self-assurance, and I wanted to express my gratitude for it. It’s hard to have both a degree and a prominent profile at the same time.

It was two weeks before the exam for Nour, a high school student in the first class at Saint-Cyr-l’École. To paraphrase him, “education has become a little bit of a headache,” as reported by Télé 7 jours.

Due to the audience’s overwhelming support, she emerged victorious. 16-year-old Nour was the grand prize winner of Season 11 of “The Voice,” which aired on TF1 on May 21, 2022. Among the competitors, the youngest was the winner.

Nour The Voice Origine
Nour The Voice Origine

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