Famille Meziani Canteleu

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Famille Meziani Canteleu
Famille Meziani Canteleu

Famille Meziani Canteleu – The arrest of Mélanie Boulanger, the socialist mayor of Canteleu, this weekend in the Paris region and the suburbs of Rouen raises the subject of political infiltration by mafia networks, which have been released without punishment.

The elected politicians of Canteleu were heard to explain their ties to the M. family, a drug trafficking syndicate suspected of exerting a considerable influence on the local political scene.

A massive haul was uncovered after two years of investigation by 150 police officers in Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-Maritime, including columns from RAID and the Rouen BRI as well as 60 departmental security investigators: one million euros, 15 kilogrammes of heroin, vehicles, and military-type weapons.

However, the arrest and detention of Canteleu’s PS-EELV mayor Mélanie Boulanger by police has cast a shadow on this unusual operation (Seine-Maritime). When it comes to promoting company growth and ensuring employment, Hasbi Colak is his subordinate.

Over the weekend, both were freed without charge. Questions were raised concerning the two elected officials’ relationships with the M. family, prominent drug traffickers in Rouen and the surrounding area.

According to a court source, “the wiretaps suggest that the mayor of Canteleu was in daily touch with the principal suspects”. According to a judicial source published by Le Monde, the M. family is described as “indispensable in drug trafficking in the region”.

Famille Meziani Canteleu

Operationally, “the most important trafficking network in the Rouen region was definitely decapitated,” according to a report. The Cherifian kingdom of Morocco serves as the family’s base of operations, and business is conducted from there.

This family’s network leaders have taken up residence there. (They focus on real estate as a specialised area of investment for them). In order to import marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, the M. use their squads to go across Spain.

Move quickly, as there are shipments on boats and a slew of complications. As Actu76 points out, “this well-organized and extremely powerful network would have bought social calm in Canteleu through threats, influence, and pressure”.

He has been accused of having slipped into the political arena. According to the following findings in a French yearly study on organised crime: “Seine-Maritime is a hotbed for drug trafficking.

As a result of its proximity, thieves can easily obtain and resell various kinds of merchandise from the Benelux and Paris regions “, in particular via the A13 and A84 highway systems. Ofast, the Anti-Narcotics Office (Ofast), issued an internal warning about this “corruption in the political arena” a few months ago.

This threat could express itself in France through attempts to penetrate the political environment, particularly at the municipal level, as warned. There are several weak points in an election campaign, including the funding of campaign expenses, the organisation of vote collection, and the actual running of an election campaign.

This family’s identity is currently the subject of investigators’ efforts. They are “well established locally to have political influence” as per this source. Investigations into the town hall would have uncovered connections and affiliations.

“Links that need to be clarified” is what the insider continues to say. Because of this, the police should hold Mélanie Boulanger and her subordinate indefinitely. M. family, a prominent drug trafficking group accused of exerting significant political influence in the Canteleu region, was investigated by Canteleu officials.

Mélanie Boulanger’s arrest and subsequent release without charge or further investigation during anti-drug operations in Paris and the suburbs of Rouen last weekend has raised the question of whether mafia networks have infiltrated state institutions.

One million euros, including 375,000 euros in cash, 15 kilogrammes of heroin and military-type firearms, have been seized in Seine-Saint-Denis after a two-year investigation. In any case, the detention of Canteleu’s PS-EELV mayor Mélanie Boulanger, who is currently in prison, clouds the operation’s outcomes (Seine-Maritime).

Following an inquiry into the M. family’s involvement in drug trafficking in Rouen and the surrounding area, the two elected officials were questioned. According to France Bleu Normandie, wiretaps reveal that Mayor Canteleu was in frequent communication with the primary suspects.

According to Le Monde, the M. family is “indispensable in drug trafficking in the region.” This operation “unquestionably disrupted the most important trafficking network in the Rouen region,” which provided the Normandy capital with 75% of its narcotics supply”. This family has their roots in Canteleu, but they have since relocated to Morocco, where they continue their business. The commanders feel comfortable here.

Famille Meziani Canteleu
Famille Meziani Canteleu

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